Annual Tour de Troit

Annual Tour de Troit

The bicycle is one of the most energy efficient modes of transport there is. When the whole world relies so heavily on dirty fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere, cost billions of dollars to maintain and cause countless ecological disasters. Sometimes you have to sit and wonder the logic of it all. Especially in urban areas, w ho needs a car when you have a bicycle which is the greenest mode of transport and it keeps you healthy. The 17th Annual Tour de Troit for September 15, 2018, is a bike ride that explores some of the city's historic areas, takes in many of its most breathtaking sights, and provides bicyclists a unique opportunity to legally "take over" the streets of Motown.

One city that is encouraging the use of the bicycle is Detroit. The irony being that Detroit is also known as The Motor City for its strong links to the automotive industry. But they obviously want to promote cleaner modes of transport as well with the Annual Tour de Troit, which is due to take place on September 15, 2018 . This level of support from such a major player in the car business can only be a good thing and shows a step in the right direction for a more sustainable future.

This is a bike ride with a difference as you will be circumnavigating the historic streets alongside 5000+ other cyclists. The scenery is beautiful in this part of the world and people will literally be allowed to take over the streets for a unique and breath-taking tour around the birthplace of Motown. After the frivolity is done and your legs are tired you can relax with some good food and music in Roosevelt Park.

Safety on such an occasion is obviously vital, and all of the precautions have been put in place, including a police escort. More experienced riders can opt out of this chaperone service if they choose to. Each rider is asked before the ride their skill level and speed so that they can be organised into groups. It is important to be honest about your capabilities, because if you are surrounded by cyclists who are faster than you that could pose a health risk.

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