Electric Bike Conversion Kit Sees Record Demand

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Sees Record Demand

Following the launch of Swytch's new electric bike conversion kit, the company has been inundated with over 27,000 orders, and predicts that the successful launch of this new product has grown the size of the eBike markets in the USA by 1.6%, in just one month.

Amidst a deepening cost-of-living crisis with the average worker spending 20% of their salary on travelling annually, commuters have been forced to seek more affordable sources of transport. For this reason, Swytch has engineered a solution that allows you to own a state-of-the-art electric bike for under $500, with a pocket-sized battery that costs less than 2 cents to charge per 10 miles of range.

The Swytch Kit is now available to pre-order on Swytch's website. Due to significant demand, the option to receive your kit from one of the first two batches of production has now sold out. However, you can pre-order a kit from a later production run, with prices starting from $599 (with 50% discount applied, delivery in January/February) or from as little as $499 (with a 60% discount applied, delivery in March/April).

The conversion kit features a battery similar in size to a large smartphone (the "Power Pack"), weighs just 1.5lbs, recharges in just one hour, and provides 10 miles range. Furthermore, the system provides 250W of pedal-assist power via a high torque front motor wheel, allowing users to climb gradients of 30% without breaking a sweat.

Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch comments: "Our job as innovators is to make environmentally-friendly technology that people want to use because it is cool! That way, a global change to a more sustainable way of life will happen naturally."

Co-Founder and CTO Dmitro Khroma comments: "Our new improved Swytch Kit is a game-changer. It is going to totally disrupt the eBike industry because it is so much lighter, smaller and more affordable than anything else out there."