Longest Flights From New York to Asia

Longest Flights From New York to Asia

What are some of the longest non-stop flights that start in New York City? We must agree that New York has some of the busiest and largest airports in the US and the world. This alone means millions of passengers- indeed, tens of millions- pass through New York every year. Yes, there are thousands of arrivals and departures that use New York as the hub. Generally, the facts present good news to all kinds of people who live in the world-renowned city and the greater Tri-State area. Hundreds of thousands of these residents readily benefit from the advantages of access to some of the best air connections in the US. Of course, they also enjoy access to countless destinations worldwide. Many flights from New York have taken millions of air travelers to places much further afield, including China's seething megacity streets and India's bubbling bazaars in cities like Mumbai.

New York to Dubai (UAE): Those who are familiar with air travel know that buying a business class ticket on the Emirates- Dubai route doesn't really come cheap. Indeed, some have to deal with the most expensive air tickets. But often, there's no shortcut- are you a businessman who heads out to inspect your latest investments? Perhaps you may be a developer seeking to snatch out a coveted real estate property somewhere in the Middle East? Or you're merely a curious resident of New York who's simply wondering what all the fuss is? Whatever the reasons pulling you to visit Dubai, you can't get a better way than taking an Emirates connection right from New York's JFK airport. And you can enjoy traveling in luxury aboard the all-new Airbus A380 with its smattering on-board bars and plenty of spoiling luxuries. But beware! Be prepared to spend hours on air. Just think of it: It takes 12.5 hours to travel from New York to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. A pretty long flight.

New York to Abu Dhabi on Etihad (6,859 miles; 13 hours): Traveling from New York to Abu Dhabi is, undoubtedly, one of the longest non-stop flights. The flight actually starts from Los Angeles. For those who are tired of Manhattan and want to experience something much different, you have your ready answer- simply travel to Abu Dhabi. This is a truly gleaming super city, rising from the UAE deserts a bit like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Yes, why not grab the long-haul connection right from JFK? It all runs swiftly on the 328-seat Boeing 777-300. Well, be ready for a sizzling 13-hour flight! And you can enjoy the comforts of the Etihad Diamond first-class recliner seats while on the flight.

New York to Seoul (6,883 miles;14 hours) on Asiana: You probably want to get out of town real fast- sometimes. If so, check out the Hopper's new iOS app. It's great for spontaneous travelers. Many beauty-mad New York residents are reportedly eager to travel to the stylish capital of South Korea- Seoul. The city of Seoul has been feted by Unesco as a modern city of wonderful design. Many agree Seoul is a wonderful place where thought-provoking institutional monuments and buildings are popping up by the day. This is especially true considering Seoul's industrial hub. These days you can even make the trip aboard South Korea's own Asian Airlines. The world-renowned airline offers magnificent separate-cabin classes. You can choose either the super-luxurious First Class Suite or the economy Travel Class. Be ready to travel for 14 hours to the destination.

New York to Delhi -Air India (7,315 miles;14 hours): This is another long-haul flight from New York to India's Delhi aboard Air India. No one doubts that the route is owned by none other than Air India. Indeed, the airline was the first-ever carrier in the world to successfully complete the non-stop connection starting from JFK Airport, New York. Passengers endured the trip aboard a Boeing 747-300M back in 1993. To date, the airline operates the flight proudly. While on the flight, all passengers are generally treated to several in-flight bonuses. This includes the duty-free Sky Bazaar and an authentic meal from the sub-continent. Moreover, First and Business Class passengers who make it to the airport early can use Air India's luxurious Maharaja Lounge, complete with an open bar and Indian buffet. But the trip lasts 14 hours.