Top Movie Theatres around Washington

Top Movie Theatres around Washington

Undoubtedly, the concepts of government and politics are the primary engines that drive daily life in Washington DC. Regardless, the ordinary resident in Washington DC will tell you that they like enjoying their spare time. Yes, people want to escape reality every once in a while. Thus, many residents of Washington DC often disappear into the dark of the night and run in to watch movies.

Many love entertaining, discreetly chosen Hollywood films and thought-provoking documentaries. Fortunately, Washington DC has many comfortable state-of-the-art movie theatres that anyone can choose from. The DC even boasts a primo art house that fits most visitors' styles. We can sample a few of Washington's premier movie theatres.

The Sankofa Dance Theatre (Virginia State University): Virginia State University runs the famous Angelika Film Center. The theatre strives to provide what will please the various audiences in Virginia, Texas, Washington DC, and California. The theatre house also boasts a certain specialty- it caters to the needs of audiences that crave a different kind of movie- the independent and foreign films. And there's a unique theatre and pop-out space known as Angelica Pop Up- it's located at Union Market.

You'll find it at the hot NoMa area, performing double duty- serving as an event space and a hip microcinema art house. You can also enjoy some delicious food servings while visiting here. The popular concessions have almost everything, including smoked seafood and Middle Eastern cuisine. The hordes of upscale food and drink vendors working at the Union Market are skilled at preparing these delicacies.

The Avalon Theatre: Avalon Theater- this one theatre looks good and has fantastic films. If you want to have a glimpse into what Washington DC offered in the past, visit the Avalon Theatre and café. The venue first opened way back in 1923; this one has a unique title- it's the only non-profit movie theatre that you'll find in Washington DC. This means that patrons can enjoy some special services. First, the tickets are way cheaper than you'd expect in a theatre of this class and status.

You can also buy tickets online. Avalon has a dedicated fan base for a particular reason- it offers the "super programs." Thus, You may decide to attend the Avalon Docs, the Wednesday Signature Series, Film in Focus, the French Cinematheque, the Lions of Czech Film, Weekend Family Matinees, Senior Cinema Thursday, or the Reel Israel DC.

You'll- no doubt enjoy the café- it's certainly a cut above the competitor; you'll enjoy reasonably-priced food items instead of the regular junk food in many establishments. In the end, you can also get your soda fix and popcorn and beer as well as wine, not to mention baked cookies, brownies, and ice cream.

Landmark Theatres: Here's a peculiar Washington DC theatre that's in its own class- the Landmark Theatres. This theatre offers a refreshing alternative to the surrounding big movie house chains. Indeed, the Landmark Theatre ranks as the largest documentary-showing group of playhouses in the US. Here, you can enjoy foreign, independent, and a sampling of restored classic films.

The movie chains boast of having 275 screens spread in 28 markets, as well as 57 theatres. There are four other theatres located in the DMV area. You can purchase Landmark Theatre tickets online- the venues offer a superb customer service experience, high-tech projection, Dolby sound, handicap accessible venues, hard-of-hearing assistance, closed captioning, premium concessions, and large comfy seats.

Atlantic Plumbing Cinema: You can have a straightforward dinner and show whenever you obtain your Atlantic Plumbing Cinema tickets in Washington DC. Indeed, you'll find yourself right at the heart of the booming show neighbourhood. Further, Atlantic Plumbing Cinema is located right next to Haikan, a hugely popular Uber and chicken ramen hub. Go ahead-eat and dash just next door; try a declaration across the street- the choice is clearly yours. You can rank the Atlantic Plumbing Cinema in the same class as the Landmark Theatre's Washington DC portfolio. When entering the modern luxury bar, you might feel that you're inside a fancy hotel's upscale bar; likely, you won't feel like a person entering a movie theatre.

Bethesda Row Cinema: The Bethesda cinema is always sparkling clean, feels modern, and enjoys the services of very friendly employees. The cinema is located in the Bethesda suburbs, right across the border; it's also at the heart of Washington DC's restaurant district. The theatre is always packed with the hordes of eager patrons- it offers customers a full lounge menu, complete with happy hour specials.