Washington State Fair

Washington State Fair

The capital of any country is typically blessed with some of the most iconic landmarks and architecture that the nation has to offer. It is also commonly the greatest source of national pride and togetherness, where the biggest rallies of people collect in protest and in celebration. In Washington D.C, they are particularly blessed with instantly recognisable buildings that are huge adverts for tourism in the USA. But it is interesting to note that the biggest tourist attraction in Washington is not a building at all, it is a market. This year Aug. 31 - Sept. 23 2018.

Washington State Fair is the widely held to be the biggest single tourist attraction in the Evergreen state. In terms of its scale there are not many other fairs that can compete with it, and it regularly features in the list of top 5 fairs in the world. The event is split into two separate occasions, both of which are organised by The Western Washington Fair Association. The first meeting lasts 17-days through September and is known as the official Washington State Fair. The next is a four day extravaganza that happens in April.

There are all kinds of activities to enjoy on the day ranging from rollercoaster rides, food stalls, carnival games and petting zoos, so it is very child friendly. But perhaps the biggest lure is the amazing music acts who headline the Grandstand stage each year. A huge bonus is that you can go and see all of these amazing acts without breaking the bank. The gigs here are a lot cheaper than similar events in the local area. For instance, the KeyArena and the Paramount are far pricier. As an added incentive people who buy admission into the concert get free access to the fair.

Today, Washington State Fair can expect to attract well over 1 million people in search of fun and good times.

The Washington State Fair is the largest single attraction held annually in the state of Washington. The Fair continually ranks as one of the largest fairs in the world. The Washington State Fair hosts two annual events, the 20-day Washington State Fair every September, and the four-day Spring Fair in Puyallup every April.

Situated south of Seattle and east of Tacoma in the shadow of majestic Mount Rainier, the Washington State Fair Events Center comprises 169+ acres, with buildings and land valued at more than $54 million. The facilities are available for rent during the year, making the grounds a valuable community resource. A staff of 55 works year-round. Over 1,900+ employees are hired each September during the Fair. More info on thefair.com