Weird Events in the USA

Weird Events in the USA

Everyone parties their own way, but these events take it to another level. They are plain weird. You might think that these strange celebrations take place in cities like Los Angeles and New York, but it is small towns the ones that sometimes approach festivities in a peculiar way.

Barkus Mardi Gras Parade

Just like there is a Mardi Gras parade for humans, there is one for dogs in the town of Lousiana. That is where the name "barkus" comes from, the barks of the dogs. This is not a conventional dog parade, if there is such a thing, but an actual Mardi Gras: each year a Queen is crowned in the event. Then you see dogs running around with colouful clowns. You might even spot these pets dressed up as jesters, also part of the royal paraphernalia. The event takes place annually on Sunday around Mardi Gras in Armstrong Park from 2 to 5pm. This is a great parade to watch, take pictures and have a laugh.

Langley Mystery Weekend

The entire town of Langley on the island of Whidbey take part in this event. Participants pick up a special newspaper which outlines a murder with photos of suspects plus a map showing the crime scene. Then they turn into Sherlock Holmes and set out to solve the murder mystery. The clues are all in this island of the state of Washington and participants must conduct an investigation and solve the mystery before the denouement on Sunday evening. The event takes place during a weekend in late February.

Roswell UFO Festival

UFO nuts from around the world meet in Roswell for five days in July to expand their knowledge on aliens and extra-terrestrials. Festival-goers have the geeky time of their lives by joining the alien parade or grooving to the sounds of the world's only alien drummer in the famous and remote Area 51.